‘I trusted a stranger to give me a mystery tattoo – it’s awful and I want it removed’

In the majority of cases, tattoos are well thought through and often hold a significant meaning. But one brave woman put her trust in a complete stranger, asking them to ink her from behind a wall – with absolutely no idea what design she was going to get. And she’s regretted her decision ever since, as the impulsive idea quickly backfired.

Posting to popular video-streaming TikTok, Tahlia Pritchard admitted that she immediately Googled locations for laser tattoo removal in her city after seeing the design. And she’s not the only one who isn’t sure on the tattoo, with many of her followers saying they would “simply cry” if they had it.

Whilst several viewers weren’t impressed with the design, Tahlia admitted that, thankfully, the tattoo was free and added some relief to the shocking ordeal.

The clip, which has now surpassed a whopping 2.9 million views to date, showed the TikToker bravely putting her lower leg through the wall, which was curtained out of sight.

Captioning the post, Tahlia wrote: “Out here at #FODI making some dangerous decisions.”

“Putting my blind faith in someone I’ve never met to give me a mystery tattoo,” she added alongside the video.

The tattoo, which was situated on her ankle, consisted of a questionable two-part design – a skull’s head with a bird perched on top.

After the TikToker spotted her new permanent ink that she had done in Sydney, Australia, she admitted that it was easier to “just laugh” than cry.

She added: “Once the adrenaline wore off and I looked the next day I was like, ‘oh’.”

Sharing an update video eight days after the permanent inking, Tahlia explained: “I’ve been through a lot of emotions, and I’ve read a lot of comments of people thinking I already had it, which I didn’t.

“People were being like, ‘I would never do something like that’. That’s f fine, I did and I live to tell the tale.

“I’ve kind of landed on the idea 0f what if I keep it exactly how it f is? It’s always going to be a funny story to tell, there he is Bert.”

Taking to the comment section, several TikTokers shared their thoughts about the blind faith tattoo – and it was safe to say that not everyone was keen.

One person wrote: “I’m sorry sis, the placement, the linework, the subject:(.”

“Not to be dramatic but I would be booking laser or a cover literally the moment I saw that,” a second admitted.

Tahlia replied: “Spent last night googling laser places in Sydney.”

A different user wrote: “Omg I would simply cry.”

“Loved the idea, saw the results & learned a valuable life lesson,” another added.