Bed sheet hack dries clothes in half the time – saving extra money on tumble dryer bills

Savvy energy savers have found a quick and easy way to dry clothes indoors, without having to rely on a tumble dryer.

British households are looking at over six months of drying your clothes indoors before the weather warms up again.

Relying on a tumble dryer is an expensive choice, with many people preferring cheaper options to cut back on energy bills.

RSVP has revealed a nifty trick, using a bed sheet to speed up the process drying some freshly washed clothes.

For this hack all you need is a clothes horse, a heated radiator and a dry bed sheet.

After hanging all your clothes on your clothes horse, place it beside a radiator that has been turned on.

Then cover the clothes horse with the bed sheet, with one end covering the side of the horse and the other tucked behind the radiator.

Then all you have to do is go about your normal business, while a warm pocket of air is trapped under the bed sheet. This helps to speed along the drying process.

For added help, you can place a dehumidifier near the clothes horse to suck up all the added moisture in the air. This helps to prevent any extra warm droplets that can eventually lead to mould. However, this step is optional.

This drying hack is a great option for people who have their radiators on to heat their home and want to cut back on their tumble dryer use.

Normally, a rack of clothes would take between six to eight hours to dry, depending on their materials. That’s when it’s placed in the kitchen or sitting room and not positioned directly beside an active heat source.

However, using the bed sheet trick, it only takes about three hours and 40 minutes, people have claimed.

It helps to turn your clothes and other items around as the parts nearest to the top will dry much quicker than those at the bottom.

It’s best to do this quickly as you don’t want the bed sheet to cool down too much as it can take some time for it to reheat after reattaching it.

If you’re trying this out at home, it might take some trial and error to find what type of bed sheet material and size works best for you, but it’s recommended to try a horizontal clotheshorse rather than a vertical one.